Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Red Line L.

Yesterday when LP and I were riding the Red Line home from the White Sox home opener (Go Sox!) it was right around rush hour.  On the packed train walked in this extremely smooth talking guy in a suit... his lines were so free flowing I was completely absorbed.  He started out talking to these two twenty-something girls by excusing himself for having his butt shoved in their faces (they were sitting, he was standing, it was crowded).  The line got the ball rolling, and the conversation flowed.  He talked about how he designs hats, and pointed to another guy on the train wearing one of his hats.  Supposedly this other guy was a hat model.  Not sure if I bought that one.  A stop before smooth guy got off the train he started talking about what he was doing that night and invited the ladies to go with him and his buddies.  The train got to the stop, the guy asked if they wanted to go out for a night of fun... and the girls did not go.  

I was so sold on this guys lines I was ready to leave with him.  It's these scenes I am so thankful I am not single... I have no game at all.