Thursday, April 03, 2008


Since I do a lot of walking in Chicago I notice many of the new lost animal signs that are posted. Lost animals signs are really sad. Even depressing. The worse the sign the sadder it is. Really. Some people have placed color photos on their fliers plus they list a very detailed description including the location the animal was last seen - And they canvas the neighborhoods posting notices everywhere. And then some just write some words down on a sheet of paper and post a couple copies on the block they live. With all of the postings for missing animals it makes me wonder how many are ever found. Hopefully most, but I have no idea since there are never any updates. People feel free to post what is missing, but they never share with everyone the good news of an animal being found.

When houses are sold they slap a big SOLD sign across the For Sale sign. When criminals are on the run and finally caught the listings at the Post Office say "Caught" or "Obtained" or maybe even "Shot Dead" (OK, maybe not that). People makes posts of babies being born, and most people have a listing somewhere when they die. I could go on and on... but I am sure you don't have all day. So why cannot people show me (oh yeah, and others) a little respect and give us some good news once in awhile. I would even be up for making and supplying FOUND stickers to be placed over fliers.

Losing a furry friend is the worst feeling... so don't people want to share some good news when their furry buddy comes home?