Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hive Five.

Did you know today is National High Five Day? Well that is what I read in the paper this morning, so it must be true. High fives to all of you... unless you are lame, then no high five just an evil stare. [Think about a real awful evil stare]

My high five story (since we all have a few high five stories in our arsenal) took places many many moons ago when little Niner was a Senior in High School. Pimply faced Niner went to the Senior Prom with his best girlfriend (not smoochy girl friend, just a friend, really). We went and had a hoot of a time. I did some awesome Kid 'n' Play dance moves... and what made them awesome was that I was both Kid AND Play. The next morning a walked into the kitchen and my mother started asking a million questions about the night. My brother was there too, but I don't remember why since he was not living at home during that time (he is older than me). My mother then asked if I kissed my date goodnight, and I replied that I gave her the high five.


The look on my mother's face was priceless. It was complete shock and horror. See she thought "high five" was code for something dirty. Like "hey babe wanna get the high five on (think dirty things)." So my brother and I had to quickly demonstrate what a high five was. She was relieved.