Monday, April 21, 2008

Need A Wingman.

Sunday evening LP and I had one of our good good (yes, two goods) friends over for dinner. We were checking in with her love life (because that what marrieds do to singles) and how her online dating is going. She filled us in that it was a little rough mainly because her description of herself on paper did not do her justice. She is a total catch if you met her out and about with a group of friends... but that does not come across in a written description. What she might need is someone to introduce her to some great guys.

A light went on in my head (ding!). That is my problem with applying for jobs. I am totally awesome and kick ass at my job and might be the best project manager in the world... and I am super fun to work with. That does NOT come across in my cover letter and resume. If people would call my references they would be sold, but that is not done until the end of the hiring process. What I need is someone on the inside to know me and my awesomeness and get me in the door.

We both need a Wingman... Wingwoman... Wingsomething. Or we both need to be better writers (which I think we both do a good job of). How can we go to the next level without showing off our personalities? Maybe we should go out together and I'll find her dudes to date and she'll find me dudes or ladies to work for/with.