Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Why Be Social... You're Not Listening to Me.

I love technology. I would own every new gadget if I could afford it. But at some point these gadgets are making people social retards... even me. Yes, me. I have a smartphone so I can check email and the www - BUT I do not have my work email set up on it. It's not my work's property so why should I be checking my work email 24-7? I am guilty of checking sports scores when I should be listening or adding to the conversation, but I am not the stereotypical person addicted to their crackberry.

It is flat out rude to go out with someone, or some people, and every few minutes they need to check their email on their phones. Why did they go out in the first place? Is their work email more important than spending a few quality minutes, or hours, with good friends? It makes me ill. Now certain places may be a little more acceptable - like a bar with tons of people gathering. But at a dinner table... no way.

I recently read an article about a company in California that now bans notebooks /laptops and smartphones in meetings. This company discovered that no one was paying attention to anyone else during meetings since everyone is off in la la land emailing and texting away.

We have become absorbed with our jobs to the point we have made it a priority over a nice meal with friends. Sadly, even a meal with friends you see once in a blue moon. And if you are not checking work email, and just emailing friends.... then that is even more pathetic. Our attention spans have gone away. We are addicted to the media and the email.

How about this... If it's super important, and you need to attend to an email or call - excuse yourself from the table and take care of the issue. Then come back to the table and put your crutch away.

I'll get better about checking my baseball scores less... I promise.