Monday, April 14, 2008

Fakebook (not the Yo La Tengo album).

This weekend I became lame.  And for those of you who feel I was already there... well, I became lame-r.  I joined Facebook.  I can't stand MySpace and Facebook.  I deleted my MySpace page months ago.  I even wrote a post about completely stupid it all is, and yet I joined.


I have read in a few articles about job searching that being visible is very important, and having a MySpace and/or Facebook page will help.  Not sure if I believe that, but at least people will see that I am not creepy looking.  I hope I'm not creepy looking.  That would suck.  (Which one is Niner?  Over there - the creepy one.)  At the same time I am not looking forward to people posting on my page that they are giving me hugs and fuzzy crap like that.  How can I stop the fuzzy stuff?