Friday, April 18, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Week(end).

Since I have no brilliant ideas to post about... and cannot leave my loyal readers to spend the weekend waiting for Monday's post, I decided to give you a recap of my exciting week.

The Good:
1. It was sunny and warm this week. Chicago saw temperatures in the 70's for the first time since last October. No shorts yet, but no winter coat! [Starting off by talking about the weather - am I getting old?]
2. I skipped worked Tuesday to go to a White Sox game with my T1 friend SV. Sox won! We saw a great fight in the bleachers.
3. I skateboarded to work three times this week.
4. A client of mine in NYC sent me a thank you email to me this morning telling me what a great part of their business I am. They also sent me two tickets to a White Sox game next weekend! How awesome is that!
5. I started playing on-line Scrabble on Facebook with K.i.D.

The Bad:
1. I spilled something on my clothes every day of this week.
2. I got a sunburn on one side of my face at the Sox game.
3. I slammed hard on my board in front of group of Cubs fans.
4. Applied to a slew of new jobs... and heard nothing. How can I be so awesome at my job... and no one else will give me the time of day.
5. I suck at Scrabble... on-line or on a board.

The Weekend:
1. I hope to go see that Sarah Marshall movie... it looks like a Niner type of movie.