Friday, June 20, 2008


Warning: Today's post is boring.  It really goes no where.  It's not funny.  Half way into writing it I almost hit delete.  So if you don't want to read it... don't.  Fun times will be back next week.

This weekend has so much going on in Chicago that it would be sad if on Monday morning I woke up and realized I did nothing... which might just happen since I feel like I've had a lack of good sleep.  Some of the activities I want to partake in:

1. Sox vs Cubs Series.  Since it's on the Northside this weekend I will not be attending.  Next weekend are the Southside games which LP and I will go to.  Both of Chicago's baseball teams are currently in first place so it's going to make for six exciting games over the next week.  The players just see them as any other game, but the fans get so fired up... probably too fired up.  Cubs' fans take it so personally that their team has not won a championship in 100 years... and White Sox fans like to rub it in.  My highlight for this weekend is I get to wear my "Cubs Blow" jersey.  And since my office is five blocks away from Wrigley Field I wore it to work today.  While getting coffee this morning this fortysomething dude game me an evil look.  Love it!

2. Taste of Randolph.  The Liars were planning to meet up at the yearly Randolph Street shin-dig and drink beer, eat funky food on a stick, and see good music (Drive-By Truckers are on Saturday night).  But no - one Liar thinks it would be more fun to go jet ski, and another Liar thinks it would be more fun to hang out with other (non-cyber) friends.  Okay, they both have good points, especially the jet ski.  The best part of the Taste of Randolph is the people watching.  If I go I will bring the camera.

3. Good music.  There are some great shows this weekend (Willie Nelson, Black Angels, Warlocks, Dilated Peoples, Sadies, Meatmen), but I'll end up missing all of that and going to a terrible punk show that I need to attend for my work.  Ug.  At least I can drag some friends with me.

4. Bike Ride. I was hoping LP and I could take a bike ride along the lake this weekend... but with her tummy getting so big it's hard for her to ride a bike.  

5. Brookfield Zoo.  This is one of the few things LP and I have yet to do in the city.  We have gone to the Lincoln Park Zoo many times, but never the Brookfield.  It's one of those places you know will always be there so we can go any time.  And my guess is we will probably be going there a lot more in the upcoming years with the new little bundle of boy.

6. Sleep.  Yep, I want a nap.  Maybe even two.  It's something I always feel guilty about doing, but when you don't take a weekend nap and then wake up on Monday morning you think to yourself... I should of taken a nap.

Enjoy your weekends.