Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I love living in the city. In NYC I got to walk by the Flat Iron building almost every day. In Chicago during the summer I get to play softball right by Buckingham Fountain which is tops. Really... how great is it to be at the plate and look up and see Buckingham Fountain to the right, the Sears Tower to the left, and Lake Michigan is one block behind me. Love it.

I usually take the El to the games, but since I've been riding my bike more than usual this summer I thought I would ride the ten miles to the game. By the time I got there I was a little tired since I went fast to be sure I was not late (was was more than an hour early). The game was one of the best my team ever played... so yes, we won. Then being worn out from the game it dawned on me I had to bike home. I tried putting on the new handlebars light I just bought for my bike and I could not get it to work. Grrrrr.  So I just turned on the red back lights and headed off down the bike path by the lake.

Bad idea not to have a front light on the Lake Michigan bike path when it's dark outside. Since I could see very little on parts of the path (especially north of North Ave) my brain thought it was a good idea to ride faster (get home faster since it's only getting dark by the minute). I am sure I was talking to myself because my mouth was open enough that I ate a few hundred bugs (mmmm... dinner).  All went well.  No accidents.  No flats.  Then came Belmont Ave where my legs started cramping.  No fun.  For some reason I could peddle just fine, but whenever I had to stop at a light and take a leg off my peddle it would cramp and I could barely get it back on.  I am sure I was a sight to see.  A sweaty mess yelling at my legs, and to top it off... my jeans ripped in the butt.  Now I knew there was a small hole, but in the process of riding home I my jeans were slowly turning into hot pants.  Hot pants on the Niner... not so hot.

I made it home.  Ate the most random dinner ever.  I saved the environment so much yesterday that I thought I'd save myself by driving my SUV to work today.  Yep, I'm am one sore mess.