Monday, June 23, 2008


What a bummer way to start the week...

1. George Carlin dies.
2. The Cubs swept the White Sox this weekend.
3. I did not go to the Taste of Randolph... because I was a cranky bitch. So I missed the Drive-By Truckers and Bobby Bare Jr.
4. I did not go for a bike ride, see good music, or go to the zoo.
5. I forgot my lunch.
6. George Michael keeps popping up on my iTunes player.


1. I did hang out with the Cherry & LP and see Get Smart which was fun. Really. It was.
2. The punker show on Friday ended up being a hoot of a time with some friends.
3. Went for a long walk, not bike ride, with K.i.D. which was good times all around... and we signed up the K.i.D. for the YMCA - so maybe, just maybe I'll finally get off my ass and go.
4. Woke up the morning and received an email notification that my tickets for this Friday's Sox vs Cubs game sold for way too much money! Yea! Going to buy a car seat!

So it was not all bad.