Monday, June 09, 2008


With the likelihood of me losing my job becoming more real day by day I am truly at a loss on how to find a new job. I have tried many different angles, but always end up not getting anywhere. Headhunters don't work for me since I want to change industries (because there is no music industry in Chicago). Just applying does not work since I have applied for an average of 3o jobs for the past ten months and not gotten anywhere.

No one wants to think outside the box (even though so many of these companies preach that daily) and take a chance on someone who is a fantastic project manager and would improve any company, firm, or agency. No one wants to even call me up and ask me some questions on the phone. A few have let me know that my background and resume are fantastic... but I have no experience in their industry so they did not need my services. And everyone I know does not have any connections for me landing a new job. None.

I have applied for jobs at ad agencies, pr firms, marketing agencies (all in account services), design firms, non-profits, museums, colleges and universities, beverage companies, and random office manager jobs and assistant jobs.

With no job on the horizon, and baby on the way... I just do not know what to do.