Monday, June 16, 2008

Huck Finn.

This photo makes my feet look huge.

It's summer time in Chicago... not technically, but it's been warming up so many residents of this fine city have been sporting their shorts and flip flops.  And I have too.  But on the days where shorts are a no-go I often will go with the jeans rolled up.  LP calls it my Huck Finn look which she adds other comments that are in line with: you look like a dork.

This all started when I started riding my bike a lot and rolling up my pants so the chain did not eat them up (it has happened to me a few times).  When I get off my bike I am too lazy to roll them down since I'll just have to roll them back up at some point.  That lead to me just liking my pants rolled up.  Maybe I'm just preparing for a flood, or maybe I just really want to be a dork - but I dig them this way.

Wasn't Huck Finn cool?