Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last night at the White Sox game we got baby presents from two ladies that have become part our summer family.  They bought us a little White Sox tee shirt and some White Sox booties.  Too great!  Our baby-to-be is set for the world with White Sox gear and some Giants gear my brother and sister-in-law bought us.

Having partial season tickets has been a blast these past few years.  It has given us the opportunity to meet some good new people (although none have led me to a new job).  From April through September we have this summer family of people we see only at games.  We all share the love of the game of baseball and just being outside.  On days the Sox are winning we pick apart what they could be doing better, and on days they are getting shelled we talk about other things (politics, food, family, names of towns).

Not sure if we'll be able to afford tickets next year... depends on what a new job for me pays - but I highly recommend season tickets (does not have to be the entire season) for anyone who has ever thought about it.