Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Road Trip: The Highlights.

Here are some highlights from our road trip to Memphis this past weekend.  Since I am still exhausted from the trip I am not posting any pictures so just imagine them in your special little heads.

1. We passed a Cooter twice, and also came very close to meeting a Cleetus.
2. Bought the new Weezer CD and learned only one line of the first song which I sang over and over and over.  LP was ready to shoot me.  It's a really good line.
3. Swimming pools are awesome, especially when it's 98 degrees outside.
4. We spent more than twice as much on gas as we did the first time we made this drive... which was in June 2004.  Remember the good old days?
5. We listened to some amazingly awful political talk radio in Southern Illinois... followed by Rush Limbaugh which was funny (sad) for about five minutes and then we had to turn the station.
6. Very little Peter Cetera on the FM and AM dials this trip.
7. I spent the last two hours of the trip looking out for tornadoes... which never came.  But we did drive by the destruction left from a tornado that hit Monee, IL on Saturday.  That was the closest I have ever been to a tornado (yes, just seeing the wreckage it left).
8. Favorite Quote #1: We are were at a birthday party for LP's grandpa which was held at the hall of a very very conservative church.  One of LP's Great Uncles came over to me and said... "Just remember the bible says that the sinners of the world will be sent of wicked ruler.  And that ruler is George Bush."  I laughed so hard.  Found out he was a die hard democrat.  Classic.
9. Favorite Quote #2:  Heard on the radio... "Even if the Eagles did a reunion show in my backyard I would not attend."  So true.
10. Last night back at home I tried to finish watching the movie Dune (1984) which I have never seen.  I did not make it through half.