Thursday, November 02, 2006

My pal Jay.

I am a Jamiroquai fan. Just throwing it out there. I've never been that into the disco sound, and I am not a superfan of Stevie Wonder... but Jamiroquai seems to do everything right for my ears and brainwaves. I always felt this was something not to discuss, not make public, but after Jamie Oliver went to Jay Kay's house (The Naked Chef: Rock & Roast - Episode NC1B02) and made dinner (a traditional roast with all the trimmings) for Jamiraquai I have been a proud and public fan. If some one like Jamie Oliver is into Jamiroquai then can it really be a bad thing? Maybe... maybe not... but I have gone with embracing it and letting people know. Since Jamiroquai has been popping up quite often in my shuffle play the past few days, and their greatest hits record comes out next week... I'm writing about it.