Monday, November 20, 2006

Good movie, Not-so-good purchase.

This weekend I made it to a movie theater. I love movies. And I love the whole experience of going to the theater and sitting in the big chairs and eating lots of crap. But I so rarely do it. This weekend I got myself to the theater to see "Shut Up & Sing" which is a documentary about the Dixie Chicks. Not my first choice, although I did want to see it... but the new 007 shows were sold out, and LP is not sure about "Borat." So Will, LP, and I chose "Shut Up & Sing" which ended up being a fantastic documentary. You do not have to be into the Dixie Chicks to enjoy it, and be amazed how many people are willing to jump on a bandwagon (especially during war time). If you are a flag waiving Bush supporter you might not be a big fan of "Shut Up & Sing," but we all really enjoyed it. The best quote from the movie: "You're a dumbfuck." Biggest surprise: how big Rick Ruben has gotten... he takes up half of his couch.

On to another movie story...
I did something I never do... I bought a DVD for a movie I've never seen. When "American Dreamz" was in the theater I so wanted to see it, but just never got to it - just like lots of other movies. From the reviews, and the cast, I could clearly see this was my type of movie. I always get sucked into American Idol. I tend to like movies with Hugh Grant in them... plus Dennis Quaid, Mandy Moore, and Willem Dafoe all are a good thing. This was going to be the next "Love Actually" or "Notting Hill." So LP and I gave it a watch last night. It sucked. Well... maybe not sucked, but it was far from good and would not be one I would of ever purchased had I seen it. Bummer. This movie also takes many jabs at President Bush too... but they are slap-sticky, and not really funny. Anyone wan to buy a copy of "American Dreamz?"