Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Joe Pugliese

Last night I had a dream I was back in high school. I honestly do not remember much about the dream, but I do remember all of the people around me where classmates from my grade school years, not high school. My dreams rarely take me back to high school (thankfully)... the only dreams I have about high school seems to be about me forgetting my locker combination, or what class I am supposed to be in for first period.

So this morning I decided to look up my alma mater's website and see what the old Cupertino High School is up to these days. I discovered that one of my classmates from my graduating year made it to the school's Hall of Fame. Joe Pugliese was always on the path to become a photographer... and he accomplished his goals. It was either that, or he was going to go pro with his freestyle bmx. It seems quiet clear that he chose the right path. Joe always had two things: a camera, and a smart-ass remark. His sharp wit keep most people laughing for hours.

I have not seen Joe since my high school days, but it's nice to see someone knew what they wanted so early in life... and achieved it. Way to go Joe!