Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Survey Question.

Last night I was thinking about this survey I did a couple weeks ago, and wondering if I should of changed one of my answers. The question was: "What is the last name of the most famous person you've met." My answer: "Roth." - Yep, David Lee Roth.

Working in the music industry for more than ten years I've met lots of "famous" people... but for some reason Diamond Dave was such a trip to meet when he came to the office I was working at in NYC. Diamond Dave only referred to himself in third person the entire time... he was going 110 miles an hour and sweating like crazy. I'm sure he had some help cranking out energy - but it was complete entertainment.

Then last night it hit me... you dumb-ass Niner, you've met President Clinton when he was in office. Sure he did not give me as much attention as the girls I was with, but I did meet him and it was certainly a surreal experience. Plus, I got on the news that night - and being on television is cool. So shouldn't I have written down "Clinton" as my answer to that question? Isn't a current president more famous than a rock singer?