Sunday, September 30, 2007

Road Trip: Photos

A few snapshots from the road trip to Charlotte, NC...

This was on Interstate 40 east of Knoxville, TN. We were driving through the Great Smoky Mountains and the trees were just starting to change color. The photo doesn't really capture the color changes, but if we were there two weeks later it would of been spectacular.

That's me... in the shotgun seat. My dad was really into driving... he loves road trips. So I let him do most of the driving which allowed me to take photos.

At the History Museum of Charlotte I learned that the Jim & Tammy Fae Bakker started their PTL ministry (scam). I was impressed with the museum. They should of had an interactive part where you could learn to do make-up like Tammy Fae - that would of been cool.

The History Museum of Charlotte has a PTL Bible as part of the very small Bakker section. Crazy.

A lot of the Carolinas, Tennessee, and Kentucky remind me of the Blair Witch Project. Thankfully we never got lost in the forests.