Tuesday, September 04, 2007

3 Years.

Note: I'm done with the funk. I am done with writing about the funk. I am moving on, or at least trying very hard to move on.

Today marks three years in Chicago. It was three years ago that LP and I took that long ass flight from PDX to ORD where Georgia (our cat) flipped out and made it one of the longest trips ever. We learned to never take our cat on planes... and even though it was a bumpy start, we are so happy to call Chicago home. To celebrate our relocation anniversary, here are some of the things I love about Chicago:

1. Hot dogs. Really. This city is all about the dog, and they do it so well. Hot Doug's is my favorite, but Murphy's is tops as well.

2. The Lake. Yep, Lake Michigan. It's not the Pacific Ocean, which I do miss, but you cannot see across it so it does feel like the ocean... kind of. I dig it.

3. The Neighborhoods. Chicago is all about the neighborhoods... so many hidden gems in the city that most tourists will never find. And in the hood comes the bars/clubs. Danny's, the Map Room, and the Village Tap do me well.

4. The White Sox. We moved here, start cheering for the South Side... and they win the World Series. Not bad. Even though they are absolutely terrible this year, the Sox are a great part of our life in Chicago.

5. Friends. Even though we have no family here, or really anywhere close, we have met some of the best people in this city. Friends make a city feel like home.

6. Snow. Love the snow! We seem to get enough to make me happy... but the winter seems to have just as many sunny days are the spring and fall. How can people not like snow angels?

7. Music. It's a big city, so the music is always going. It's one of the parts of NYC I missed... and Chicago's music scene is great. Love Schubas and dig the Beat Kitchen and the Hideout as well.

8. The CTA. Love them (on time) or hate them (waiting forever)... the public transportation is great (the area it covers), and it keeps us from having to fill up the gas tank every week.

So there you go. There are plenty more... but those are some of my tops (at least the ones I can think of right now). Hope Chicago is home for LP and I for a long long time.