Friday, September 28, 2007

The Peachiod.

Another highlight from road trip was the Peachiod. No, not a peach hemorrhoid... the Peachoid. What the hell is that? Well you can look it up on some search engine (I can't stand the phrase: Google It) and learn the history of it since I do not know much about it, and really do not care to.

What I can tell you (and show you by the snappy photos I took) about it is:
- It's a water tower
- It's located in Gaffney, SC right off Interstate 85
- It looks like a peach.
- At a certain angle it looks like a big butt.

If you have ever gone in any road trip you have seen many water towers. Small towns are proud of their water towers, and their Wal-Marts. Most water towers display the town (maybe city) name, and some are even painted to look like different objects... roses, hot air balloons, clouds, etc. But Gaffney, SC takes pride in their water tower. The tower has been reshaped, or painted so well that it gives off the effect of looking like a giant peach. I did not stop to check it out... the idea of taking time out of the day to look at a water tower was kind of sad (and by sad I mean pathetic).

OK... this entry is ass boring so I am going to end it. I just thought it was strange passing a big butt looking peach water tower in South Carolina. It occurred to me this would be great to write about, but I am having a hard time putting it all together. I should of wrote about the Louisville Slugger Museum, the PTL bible I saw, the fantastic bourbon I drank, or the Billy Graham Library - all were much more exciting than this dumb ass looking peach.