Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back in Chicago.

I am finally back... and after I play some catch up I'll post some things about my trip. For today you only will get one high point and one low point of my trip.

High Point: Gas Prices

Gas prices were cheaper than Chicago in every state and every city we passed. South Carolina had the lowest prices hands down. They were almost a dollar cheaper than Chicago so I took a photo of the gas station sign. Sure you need to live in South Carolina to enjoy low gas, but SC was alright. It's not as bad as one of my low points...

Low Point: Jellico, TN

Jellico, TN gets my "Biggest Dump of a Town" award. And I've been to many dumps in my life. I am truly sorry if you are from Jellico - not for offending you, I am sorry you are from that big pile of crap town. There is nothing good about Jellico, TN. If you need to stop there and get gas... keep going. The people are the biggest hicks and kind of scary looking... imbred scary looking. The map above shows you where Jellico is, so take my advice and just stay away. Drive over to Kentucky or drive down to Knoxville, TN - but don't stop at Jellico.