Monday, September 10, 2007

PDX: The good, bad, and ugly.

I am back from my trip to Portland which had it's good and bad and it's ugly. I survived... so it could of not been that bad, right? Instead of writing all about (since I am playing catch up at work today), I'll just make some lists. Lists are easier, and I do not have to write with good grammar.

The Good:
- MusicFest NW has gotten a lot better. Bigger. More Bands. People from out of town (like me) come to it. Hopefully it will keep going and growing.
- Good bands: Valiant Arms (x-Oswald Five-0) were awesome... Superchunky. Laura Gibson might have the best indie-folk voice out there. The Builders & the Butchers were fantastic... it's like a gypsy version of the Decemberists (think: the Decemberists meet God Speed You Black Emperor).
- Eugene Mirman: I'm not too into stand-up comedy, but Eugene was super funny.
- Pizza: I miss Escape from NY and Hot Lips. I ate like a pig at both. Yum.
- Went Powells Bookstore and found Willy Vlautin's first book. I recommend both Powells and Willy's book... hell, and Willy's band Richmond Fontaine.
- Drank plenty of good beer: Bridgeport Blue Heron. Heaven in a bottle.
- Seeing old friends and getting to spend time with them.
- Beautiful weather... four days of perfect sunshine.
- Both flights arrived early.

The Bad:
- I did not have time to see my friend Fred's new daughter. Major major bummer.
- I did not meet up with Not Carrie Bradshaw, but we got to text each other for a day or so.
- Two of my really close friends who live there were both out of town... poop.
- I forgot my camera.
- Bridgeport Brewery is now some fancy restaurant, a big boo.
- The Nice Boys were terrible... how can anyone like this band? Same with the Goddamn Gentleman... they are still awful.
- Smokey venues. Yuck.
- Missed more bands than I saw.
- Thursday night is was hard getting into any club which was frustrating.
- I had to go for work.

The Ugly:
- Still too much polar fleece there.
- Lots of dudes wear mohawks there... not punker dudes, more like frat dudes. Really. It's strange.
- Skinny Jeans are really big there. Not good.