Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday: Random Notes

1. The Map Room is a great pub. Fantastic beer and a good crowd (not filled with Frat boys... in fact I think the only high-five that went down was between Jason and me).

2. For all of those Detroit Tiger bandwagon jumpers (or those just "rising to the occasion"), you should go purchase a St. Louis hat.

Who does this to their child?

3. The blogs for the World Series on are a good read.

4. My jeans are too tight. I was thinking during the first half of my walk to work that I should turn around and go back home to change pants. The problem is that they are low-rise cut (they were on sale), but I do not wear them as a low-rise... I am not into showing my butt crack. So they are a little too snugly around the crotch.

5. I learned that the singer of My Chemical Romance is really short.

6. The past few days of rain have reminded me why we left Portland, OR.

7. I am excited to hear the new Magic Numbers new album. "Those The Brokes" comes out on November 6.