Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Class.

I watch plenty of television. I am not super absorbed with it, but I definitely am not anti-tv. I tend to not watch the big popular shows... I've never seen ER, CSI, and I never saw The West Wing. My major problem with television is when I decide to "get into" a new show it gets cancelled within the first couple seasons (usually the first). Some of my favorite short lived shows were: Tru Calling, Freak And Geeks, Wonderfalls, Get Real, and Doctor Doctor.

So this fall I have stumbled onto a new sitcom on CBS called The Class. The main reason I stumbled on it is because it is on right before my favorite show How I Met Your Mother (which I am sure will be cancelled soon because I am really into it). The Class is not a great show. It's a tad slap-sticky. It introduced a lot of characters from the get go which all seem to have their own subplots. This little bit of chaos keeps me watching... I want to know where this will all go. But honestly I think I like the fact that no one else seems to be into it. No one I know has watched it yet, or really cares to. It is up against Monday Night Football (who cares) and Prision Break (it's not even filmed in Chicago anymore... boo) so it looks like I am again getting into another dead-end show.