Friday, August 10, 2007

Roller Coasters.

I love roller coasters. Always have, and I am pretty sure I always will. I have not been on one for a few years now... OK it's been a long time, and both my body and my mind need a fix. Living in the Northwest for a few years was a major bummer because there are no roller coasters there. None. Zip. Zero. Another reason the northwest blows.

My love of roller coasters started when I was a kid... just tall enough to get on the rides. There was a Great America (now Paramount, then Marriott) in Santa Clara, CA that I would frequently spend the entire summer day at. The coasters at the time where the Demond (which was the Turn Of The Century), the Willard's Wizzer (yes, Wizzer), and the Tidal Wave (just one loop, that's it - now gone). Later came the Edge and the Grizzly... and then a slew of others in the mid-90's.

The funny part of this affection of the coaster is that I hate heights, and hating flying. I am pretty much a big baby when it comes to either... but get me on a coaster and I am a happy camper. Maybe it's that fact that I am convinced that I am still bolted to the ground, or that I am so strapped in to the seat that I am totally safe. Not sure what it is, but I mainly get on them for the thrill of being scared shitless for a few minutes and enjoying every second, and being a tiny bit thankful when it's all over (since I am safe and sound). Then I get right back in line and do it all over again.

My favorites have to be the wooden coasters... they just always feel like they are going to fall apart so it makes them even more scary / fun. Plus it's the drops that are the best part of coasters. The dips make your stomach do flips to the point you almost hork, and some hork and spew. Not me. My top two coasters (both wooden) are the Cyclone at Coney Island (Brooklyn, NY) and the Giant Dipper at The Beach Boardwalk (Santa Cruz, CA)... the same beach boardwalk that The Lost Boys was filmed. Classic!

Now living only thirty minutes aways from roller coasters... I need to get my butt in gear and get on some rides. Who's with me?!