Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FredSox: Last Game.

The longest softball season is finally coming to an end tonight. The FredSox are playing our last game of the season... the season that started May 22, and the season that was supposed to be over with on July 10. It is now August 28 and we are playing game number seven. Yep, seven. Over a three month span we have played seven games. What a headache. Now the problems we are facing:

1. It is too dark to play. By the time our game is half over you cannot see the ball which is really scary.
2. Our team is quiting. We had 17 on the roster, but we are down to ten, and you need ten to play... so hopefully everyone shows tonight.

After the season is over we have playoffs... which by our record (3-2-1) we will make the cut, but I really don't want to play anymore. The league is lifeless and just kind of an all around bummer. When team members start quitting that kind of pops the balloon.

Oh well, there is always next summer.

UPDATED: 12:53pm... the team we are playing called in a forfeit so we win. But we don't get to play. Crap!