Friday, August 31, 2007

Feeling The Funk.

So how to get rid of the funk? I'm not depressed... just disappointed. I don't want to curl up into a ball and bawl... I am just stuck thinking over and over about how I could done something better, or what I could of done wrong, or who could of been better than me.

Besides movies and music... a three day weekend could do the body and mind well. And skating to work seems to help my spirit too. Yep, I took that photo this morning on my way to work. Something about skating down the middle of the street early in the morning takes a lot off my mind... maybe because I am just waking up and need my brain functions to help me not fall on my face. It makes me feel young... which I still am (thirtysomething is young). I love seeing all of the people in suits staring at me like I am homeless or broke, just because I can wear jeans and skateboard to work.

I need a good three day weekend to get rid of the funk. No more writing about the funk next week. No more complaining about coming in second (or third). Medeski, Martin & Wood are playing for free tonight in the park so that might do some good... I can go spinning with a bunch of stinky hippies. Enjoy your weekends... I will.

This is the Brown Line L going over me this morning... really.