Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hey Niner, Where Have You Been?

My two nieces from California have been in town... they came for a four day weekend. It was their first trip to Chicago and I think they had a blast. It made me feel grown up in a strange way. Hearing two girls saying over and over "Uncle Niner this... Uncle Niner that..." It just reminds me when I was eight years old saying the very same things to my uncles and aunts. Boy, I must of drove those family members up the wall.

So what did we do... lots. Here is just a sampling:
1. American Girls Place. And not just once, but twice. Most little girls go absolutely ape-shit over this emporium of over priced crap, but it is trip to see them have fun with some money in their hands and how they spend it. The biggest complaint about the place is all of the spoiled little children getting everything they want.
2. Ratatouille. I was surprised how much I like the movie, and the nieces loved it too. I actually enjoyed the short before the movie called Lifted a little more.
3. Johnny Rockets. Sure it's not a Chicago place, but what little kids don't like messy burgers and big shakes. Wish we had taken photos.
4. The L. The girls loved the L... I even took them on the Brown Line, since I won that battle. They've been on BART in San Francisco, but they liked the elevated tracks.
5. Walks. I think the girls walked more in four days than they have all year. They are totally in shape / active kids, but they are just not use to so much walking. They thought my neighborhood was a lot like San Francisco.
6. The Bean. They LOVED the Bean in Millennium Park. They could of spent the entire day staring at their reflections.
7. 'Burbs. We went to the 'burbs to see their mom's (my sister) old college friends. It was a first time for me and LP to go to Naperville and Evanston. Yipee. Check those off the list. I'm so glad I live in the City.

I had to drive them to the airport at 5:00am yesterday... so I spent the rest of the day in a sleepy haze. It was a good time.