Thursday, August 30, 2007

Funk. Sights. Sounds.

The the Aussie got me a gift the other night... Music & Lyrics DVD! I stayed up late (after midnight is late for me) last night watching it, which help me forget about my funk. Sure, it did not get rid of it but it did cheer me up. I love the sappy romantic comedies. Thanks Aussie!

I've also been listening to the Cocteau Twins a lot the past couple days... and mostly just listening to their "Heaven or Las Vegas" album. Not really sure why this has been my music of choice, or need lately, since I have not listened to the Cocteau Twins in probably ten years. But it seems to do me well... I think.

The funny thing about the "Heaven or Las Vegas" album... I went to see them on that tour (way back in 1990). Mazzy Star opened. I was really really sick, I had a fever of 103, but I wanted to go so bad. The girl sitting behind me was trying to sing along, although not very well... since most of the songs are not in English (she probably did not know that) so she was just making sounds. It was so annoying... even with out burning fever. I turned around and told her to go f herself, then got up, went to the bathroom and threw up.

These are the sounds and sights of my funk. I won't let it go on too much longer... and I am hoping better things are a head. Everyone keeps telling me it will get better, and you guys aren't liars... are you?