Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Batting .000

There are times in life when things just don't go your way... ok, go my way. I try really hard and work at something to improve my life and just seem to run up against failure after failure. Through all of these efforts there are small glimmers of hope, which bring on excitement... but sadly they just come up short.

What do I do? I get sad. I get frustrated. I take it personally. I feel stuck. I spend way too much time feeling sorry for myself believing the idea that there is no one out there to help me reach my goals. People in my life tell me very supportive things, that this will be the one... but then would they really shoot me down? No.

Without the right network of people in your life, sometimes certain goals are unachievable. Right?

I'm just stuck, and I hate being stuck and unhappy.