Thursday, August 09, 2007


I hate to write about the weather... it makes me sound like an old fart. But today I am going to be an old fart or maybe a new fart. Mmmmmm... new fart smell.

Yesterday during my walk home from work we got hit with a huge thunderstorm. We received just over three inches in less that an hour. My walk home takes about thirty minutes and during my entire trip it was coming down in buckets (not technically buckets, that would of hurt). My umbrella was pretty much useless, especially since it was so hot I was sweating like I had just ran a marathon. My entire body was soaked. My shoes will probably take a week to dry out. I think I have chafing.

And... I had a blast. I felt like a little kid. When I realized my shoes were waterlogged I just started walking through all of the huge puddles. I was listening to the new Feist album and was pleasantly surprised on what a perfect album it is to walk in the rain to. I highly recommend it.