Monday, May 14, 2007

White Castle.

I love White Castle. Actually I love the idea of White Castle more than I love an actual White Castle burger. The proof is that the last time I went to a White Castle was the summer of 1984. Yep. Almost 23 years ago. But the last three weeks it has been in my head, and in what comes out my mouth (the words, not barf).

Last week was an all around crummy week for me, so LP decided to drive me to White Castle this past weekend. Holy Crap! White Castle is all that and a bag of chips! I got the four little burgers with fries and a Coke. Delicious. So small, but so tasty. So greasy. So perfect. All my problems and crankiness went away. All I could focus on was the heavenly taste of meaty (or meat substitute) goodness.

White Castle, I am sure I'll be back again... at least once in the next 23 years.