Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bye Bye Lorelia & Rory (200)

Today is significant to me for three very different reasons:

The first is that tonight is the series finale of The Gilmore Girls. Yep, this is the last time I'll be writing about one of my favorite television shows. Sure, the past two years have not been the best - but this year it has come around well enough to end on a high note. Sadly The Gilmore Girls never got the recognition it truly deserved... it got passed off as a chick show. Sure, it might be - but this show has had some of the best writing television has ever seen. The fast paced dialog mixed with pop culture references reminded me a lot of Moonlighting (for those who can remember that show). Writer/critics always loved the show... and the television industry always ignored it. So the ending is here, and as ReckenRoll would say... Sadcakes.

The second is that today is my good friend LJ's 30th Birthday. Wishing I was there to celebrate with him in PDX today. Happy Birthday LJ!

The third part of today's significance... this is my 200th post. Thanks to all of you who read and post... especially since I've been slacking on reading other blogs the past few weeks.