Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Brooklyn Roads.

This week was the first time I pulled out my bicycle this Spring... this year. After forgetting how to put air in the tires (there is a trick to my bike) and swearing at it for a few minutes (OK, maybe more than a few minutes) I finally got the tires pumped and ready to ride (OK, the next day).

I love riding bikes through the neighborhood streets. I am not the best person to ride with (just ask LP) since I like to go at my own pace (fast), but I can slow it down if need be. The way I learned how to slow my bike riding down was by doing it with one had (and put a drink in the other).

When I first moved to NYC (in my 20's) I lived for a few weeks with my two of friends (we're not friends anymore which is a big bummer) who had an extra room for me to crash in. Jeff and I would spend summer evenings riding around Carol Gardens and Red Hook with a gin & tonic in one hand and the handle bars in the other. We would ride around for hours getting tipsy and singing "Big Girls Don't Cry" from the top of our lungs. Who knows why we chose that song, it just seems very Brooklyn. Maybe we should of been singing "Brooklyn Roads" instead. This was not the smartest of activities... we did break a few glasses (maybe more than a few), and I did run right into a light post (and a fire hydrant).

I miss those summer evenings... but this summer I am ready to make some new drinking and riding memories in Chicago. Who's in?