Wednesday, May 09, 2007

No, I'm Your Next American Girl.

On my walk from the L to my doctor's office to get drugs for my allergies (which I did, and they are great) I walked by the American Girl's Place. If you do not know what an American Girl doll is you should count yourself lucky (that is why there is no link). Outside the closed America Girl Place was a huge line... super, enormous, gigantic line. The last time I saw a line like that in a big city was for the opening of Star Wars, Episode I.

I just figured the line must be for the release of some new American Girl doll. But this line seemed different. Since I was waiting at a red light to cross the street I had a few minutes to gawk. It seemed like every little girl in the line was holding a doll that perfectly matched what they were wearing. Each little girl seemed to be wearing make-up... and these girls were too young to be wearing make-up. The parents in line all looked a little on edge, and all wear were their Sunday best. What the hell was going on?

Later in the day I found my answer... it was a casting call for the next American Girl movie. Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Mystery is the name of it, and if you did not know Kit Kittredge is a girl growing up in 1934 during the Great Depression. This movie is going to be in theaters... it's not a straight to DVD kind of thing.

I'm always bitching about my career, or lack of it, and I did not put two and two together to get myself in that line. Sure, I know I would not get picked for Kit - but maybe her Uncle that dances and sings (there must be an Uncle that dances and sings).