Thursday, May 17, 2007

Need Some Tiki Time.

I am in need of some Tiki time. I need a few tasty Tiki drinks with little umbrellas, huge pieces of fruit, and two straws... of course two straws. I love the Tiki bars. I cannot afford to fly off to some island whenever I want (bummer), but I can always get that fix by going to a good Tiki bar.

I am in need of some Tonga Room time... which is my favorite Tiki bar. The Tonga Room is in the basement of the Fairmont in San Francisco. They have two fantastic things there:
1. A little lake with a boat on it which a band plays on. Over the little lake they have rain storms. It's so great!
2. They have a drink called a "Lava Bowl for 4" and it is fantastic! Two will put four people on their ass. If you have the guts to steal one... they make an excellent water dish for a house pet.

Chicago use to have a Trader Vic's in the basement of the Palmer House (why are Tiki bars in the basement?)... but that has been gone for over a year now. There is talk about a new one opening in Chicago soon, but so far no address has been given out.

Any tips on good Tiki bars?