Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SF: The Overview.

My photo of the sky in California.

I was so needing a break from the daily grind of life... and my trip to San Francisco was the perfect medication. When going to see family there never seems to be a dull moment, and usually I come back to Chicago completely worn out. But it's family, and it's good times. The warm weather did me and LP a whole lot of good. So here is the overview of the trip.

Movies Watched on Flights:
27 Dresses: Not bad. I would like to watch the uncut version some time (you know chick flicks are my favorite).
The Bucket List: Not good. It's nice to watch a movie on a plane where both leads die. Ooops... spoiler alert a little late.

San Francisco Events Attended:
3 Giants' games.

San Francisco Events Not Attended:
Bay to Breakers
Gay Marriage Rallies in the Castro

Favorite Quotes:
"I'll bury you." Said by some 'rioded douche on Crissy Field that could not control his dog... which almost peed on my nephew. My brother told him to get control of his dog. Douche replied that he should cool it and it was just a dog. My brother told him again to get a hold of his dog unless he wanted his dog peed on by my nephew. Then douche let my brother know that he could bury him. What an idiot. Later another dog came by and took a dump on our sandcastle. [Lesson: If you need help being buried, go to Crissy Field.]

"If you're gay and don't do nothin' - then you're a waste-a-gay." Said by some really high dude on the bus ride from ORD to home. He went on to explain that his gay brother lived in San Francisco and at least he did stuff like go on trips to Italy and Spain. So he was doing stuff, so he was not a waste-a-gay. I asked if he would go on the trips with his brother and the response was, "Wut man, are you crazy? I'm not gay!" And then he told one of his buddies on the bus that I (yes, me) was totally gangsta because I went to SF to see the White Sox lose (which they actually won all three games). [Lesson: Gay people need to travel to Italy and Spain or they are not gay. I guess that is their Mecca?]

"Oregon Sucks! That's where the short bus is from." Said by some drunk Giants fan when he found out the White Sox fan he was heckling (very poorly I must add) was not from Chicago, but from Oregon. [Lesson: Who knows.]

Slides I went down:
1. The top slide at AT&T Park.

Slides I missed:
Too many to count.

Biking to the games with my brother through the neighborhoods.

Having to bike home after the game... uphill.