Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mandals & Jorts.

It's that time of the year... the weather has been warming up so out come the skirts, shorts, flipflops, grills, and good times.  And sadly also comes the not so good... bee stings, sun burns, mandals, and jorts.  

Why oh why do jorts (jean shorts - especially with pleats) and mandals (man sandals - especially with socks) exist?  We are talking about men's fashion here since women have good choices of sandals (hopefully without socks) and cutoff jean shorts can sometimes look good.  It is too often in the summertime I see a man in pleated jorts and mandals with socks.  Who is looking after this poor guy?  Doesn't he have anyone in his life to let him know he is killing people with his lack of fashion?

This summer's goal: take pictures of men in mandals & jorts and post photos.  Then study them all and come up with a good Halloween costume.