Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Good & The Bad, Volume 23.

Last night was game one of a new softball season. The rains that were forcasted held off until the final out (which was called off early because of darkness) and we won. We not FredSox this year... the new team name is Monkey Knife Fight. Why? I could not tell you. I just wear the uniform and play. The team has a few new members and at the end of the game I found out one of them works for an ad agency. Not sure about all of the details... but in the next few weeks I'll make sure to. Maybe this is my break to finding a new job? And then, maybe not. You never know. It's something that gives me hope. I need hope these days.

I also need a vacation... so LP and I are on a plane today to San Francisco. It's a trip to see the family. And as an added bonus, the White Sox are playing the Giants so three more baseball games for me! It feels like forever since I've been to SF so I am really looking forward to it.

All of this is so awesome... that something had to spoil it. Right? When I was walking up the stairs of the L station last night I pulled my back. Not sure how exactly, but I can tell you it sucks. I seem to do this at the beginning of each softball season, but this one is the worst. And joy, I get to sit for more than four hours on a plane today.