Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Things to do (before 2008).

I am still sicky... but wanted to post this update. Going back to bed. Goodnight.

You loyal 5of9er readers might remember my list last December of things to do before 2007 came around. Well, most of it fell through. So I have come to realize that accomplishing this list in 18 days was just too much... so I am thinking about keeping the list, readjusting a tad, and setting 2008 as the new goal date.

1. Learn to play the guitar. I did purchase the How-To DVD and Book, and practiced for about three days and then quit - realizing it would take more than 18 days to accomplish this. Learning to play the guitar would still be a good goal... keep my brain active.

2. Come up with a plan to get to Tucson, AZ for the White Sox Spring Training. It's just not going to happen. Mr. Bush hit me and LP with a tax bill... so no trip to the desert. Boo for Bush! Maybe 2008 Spring Training.

3. Get over my fears of flying. I did not do too well on the San Francisco trip, but I am taking a shorter flight to Austin, TX in March... so hopefully that is better. Plus 20/20 had a story last Friday about the fear of flying and how to get over it. Will try.

4. Get rid of the cat pee smell. This goal was accomplished!!! Really. In 2007 there has been no pee smell at work, or in my life at all. Awesome!

5. Find a good hors d'oeuvre to make for Christmas Eve. ...I was stuck (again) with making stuffed mushrooms... photo to show proof. It was complete bullshit. Next year! Next year I refuse to be "Stuff Mushroom Guy."

6. Find Lori Mocha some help, friends, reasons for human interaction, or maybe a book deal for her comics. I'm thinking about bagging this one and instead try to ice skate more. It's good exercise... and what has Lori Mocha done for me lately?

7. Get more sleep. I've been doing great on this... I think I can take this off my list.

8. Be more active. I totally have. I've been going out more... seeing bands, seeing djs, going to new restaurants and bars. And Spring Softball starts soon I'll be active in an outdoors / healthy way too. I don't need this on my list this year.

9. Lose ten pounds. I still need to work on this. It's good to be healthy and not dead.

10. Find out where to get Leberkäse. I am cannot stop thinking about these spam sandwiches at the Christkindlmarket. Need to find a good Germany place in the city that sells these.

11. Try to insert more good albums into my Top 10+10 list. I need really to work on my Top 10 list for 2008 and just keep 2007's list in 2007.

12. Come up with a plan not to get lice from my sister's children. The lice problem is finally gone, and LP and I did not get it... although when we were there in December we did have itchy heads... but it was just in our minds. Funny how that works. So this is off my list as well.

So I accomplished 4 out of 12 - and I have 10 months to complete the rest. I will keep you all posted.