Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Life of Eloise.

Since LP and I are not big Valentine's Day people (why do you need one day to show love - shouldn't that be every day?)... instead of writing paragraphs of mush about my lovely LP (which I easily could do), I am writing about my other Valentine... Eloise the cat.

I want to be a cat. Plain and simple. They have have the plush life of rest and relaxation.

Eloise is one of my cats and she has the life. She eats. She sleeps. And when the heater (or in the summer - the a/c) kicks on she lays on her back and lets the vent blow on her as she snores. Yes, my cat snores. Loudly. She is very independent and likes her time alone to think about the world (our house) and what might be beyond its boarders (the outside).

Eloise does not get hung up on life's woes. She does not worry that she is over weight. She laughs at the thought of high cholesterol or high blood pressure. She does not worry that sometimes her ass smells like shit... Ella feels that if she cleans what she can reach that is good enough.

Eloise knows that just by being sweet, she has done a good job of being a house cat. She knows when someone in the house is sad and she will come over and sit on them to make them feel a little better. She knows when someone needs to snuggle. And she knows that by sitting on someone's face in the morning is a very effective way of getting them out of bed to fill the bowls with food and water.

Life is truly good when you are a full figured kitty living in a home. And people who adopt animals that are fully grown are loved even more... because grown animals remember their time in the pound.