Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dying on the Dance Floor.

Last Friday night I went out with some T1 (more about that in a later post) friends to see Mr. Scruff (Ninja Tune) spin records at SmartBar in the Wrigleyville neighborhood. It was a good time, but I learned many valuable lessons that night about going dancing during the Chicago winters:1. Check your coat right when you get there... the Coat Check does fill up and then you're stuck carrying your coat all night. F bombs that sucks.

2. Do not wear long underwear. OK - so it's negative ten degrees outside and you walked to the club... that is still not a smart decision. There is no real convenient way to take them off so your stuck wearing the extra layer. The club is hotter than hell and dying on the dance floor does happen. We saw some girl drop because of the heat... or the drugs. Not really sure.

3. Don't be the guy who is the first person there. Yep, that was me. I was at the venue upstairs before hand to see an early show... so after I just went down to the SmartBar. I was one of first ten dorks there, but I was the king dork sitting by myself waiting for my crew to get there (they are super cool... so they did not show up until two hours later).

4. Don't geek out with the smartphone. I was killing time hanging out by myself looking at email and websites on my phone and some crazy girl came up to me and slapped my hand & phone and told me "You'll get stuck in there." Whatever.

5. Drink plenty of water... alcohol doesn't really help the heat exhaustion, it just makes you feel funny.

6. Don't stare at the people sucking face. I couldn't help it... it was so gross.

7. And most importantly... take a nap before going out dancing until the early morning hours. Going to a rock show before hand was not the smartest thing to do - I was hot and tired.

But it was still a good time. I dig my T1 friends.