Thursday, February 08, 2007

Crap Your Pants And Say...

I am not a music critic, and so I don't use 5 of 9er to pretend to be one. But once in a while I like to write about something I've heard that is so good... or not so good. Today is the latter.

The new record by indie rock flavors-of-2006 Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah should be titled "Crap Your Pants And Say Yeah This Record Completely Blows." Really. It's awful. And a big booo to Pitchfork for giving it a good review... if this album was on a major label they would of panned it. This record is almost unlistenable.

I am fan of the first self-released CYHASY album which sold over 100,000 copies (wow!). I fully understand that some people could not get into the singer's voice, but the music was so catchy and just an all around fun listen. It was something that most people felt like they discovered for themselves and not because of an onslaught of advertising.

But... the new album lacks one very important element: Catchy Music. So what is left? A full album of an annoying voice. Terrible. A big boo. Maybe they should of signed to a label and spent more time writing good songs.