Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Rink and file.

Does anyone roller skate anymore? Anyone under the age of 30? Inline skates do not count since most people who rollerblade do it for exercise, or to be X-treme Sport dudes, and I think they are slowly dying out. I have read in numerous articles in periodicals over the past year about the resurgence of roller derby teams across the United States. Chicago has the Windy City Rollers which I proudly sport one of their t-shirts, but I've never gone to see them. But roller derby and roller skating are two different social events, although they do both involve roller skates, a rink, and going in circles. Roller derby is more of a spectator's sport (like professional wrestling), and roller skating is a leisurely activity. Many cities, including Chicago, have great ice skating rinks in the winter, so why don't they just change them over to a roller skating rink in the summer? How great that would be! Sunshine. Roller skates. Classic rock tunes blasting. I think we should bring the roller skating back. Roll Bounce tried to.