Monday, April 24, 2006


I am a Coke fan. Not a Pepsi person at all... too flat and too sweet for me. I am not one of those people who calls every beverage a Coke. If it's a Pepsi, it's a Pepsi. If it's an RC, then it's an RC. A Mountain Dew... a Mountain Dew. And if I am collectively talking about all of the bubbly sugar-filled beverages I use the term "soda" (not pop).

I am so much a fan of Coke, that when Coke comes out with a new beverage I must try it, at least once. C2 and Cherry Coke have been my two favorites, while Coke Zero is by far my least favorite (it truly is a Zero).

This morning was my introduction to Coke Blak. A coffee infused cola beverage that is selling around $4-$5 per four-pack. I believe it is being marketed as a low calorie energy drink. The highlight was that it came in a glass bottle which is a major plus. The problem (just a minor problem) was that it tastes awful. Pure yuck. The initial taste was a blend of coffee and cola. The after taste was more like cream soda. What? Cream soda (Side Note: In Australia, cream soda is generally known as creaming soda and is pink)? What was that flavor doing in there? I could not finish the 8oz bottle of Blak... half was all I could deal with. This may be because I am not use to drinking soda before noon, but I think it was the awful taste that made me dump half of it down the drain.

On my walk to work, which is only a mile, I felt the kick of the Blak hit me. By the time I reached the office door I had the shakes and felt like I was going to fall over. This may be due to large coffee plus half of 8oz of Blak I consumed before leaving home. But my guess is that Blak really is a kick-in-the-ass energy drink. And since all energy drinks taste nasty, so maybe there is no way to make a good tasting energy drink. So no more way overpriced Coke Blak for me. I don't feel like drinking some nasty beverage and then dropping dead of a heart attack on the way to work.