Monday, April 03, 2006

Hello Baseball!

The 2006 baseball season is finally here and last night's game on Chicago's South Side was a wet one. A lovely two hour rain delay that saw even the biggest White Sox fans head for home. Why? Because the next morning was a Monday and some people actually do have to be at work and be productive. And this was no little rain delay. This was the heavens opening up and dumping mass amounts of water, lightening, thunder, hail, dogs, cats, llamas... you name it. We were thinking about building an ark. It looked like it would never stop.

The highlight for some last night was Jim Thome's home run, or the World Series banner being unveiled, or even the ear shattering fighter jets that flew right over our heads. For others (mostly women) it was the fact that all of the men's bathrooms had huge lines and the women's bathrooms had no lines. My guess was more men drink too much, and also it's a baseball game so there is probably more men / boys in attendance. But when all was said and done, the game ended at 1:10am and the White Sox had won.

I guess people can debate that if you left early you are not a true fan. I really feel the only way to test a true fan is when the team has a losing season... were those fans there? I am sure many Cub fans are now cheering on the South Side, and for me that does not bother me at all. It's about baseball. And maybe I feel this way because I did not grow up in Chicago, and I've been a fan of the White Sox in good times. But the game of baseball is bigger than all of it. To be at a game is one of life's best experiences... Even on a rainy day. Hello Baseball.