Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Growing up in California I was never exposed to the kinds of brutal winters that Chicago sees. For the first few years in Chicago I loved the winter. Walking to work in subzero temperatures was fun. Yes, I said fun (technically typed). Snow only meant good times... snow angels, snow balls, walking in the snow. I did not really have to deal with the weather, I could just embrace it and enjoy it. My commute was on foot so my car did not take the daily pounding that winter can often bring.

Now with six Chicago winters behind me I am a tad bit jaded. Maybe jaded is not the right word. Now I get more excited when the weather forecasts are talking about temperatures in the 40's (or even just above freezing). I now have to deal with the weather... from spending cold days inside trying to keep a toddler occupied, to driving around town trying to find something for a toddler to do. Each time going to the car, or getting out of a car, there are layers to be zipped, snapped, and tightened. There are so many extra things to do in the winter for a baby/toddler that I often find myself just staying at home. Then miserable with cabin fever.

This weekend it is supposed to get into the 40's in Chicago and I could not be more excited. I still have a fondness for winter, I just do not see it they way I did when I moved to Chicago in 2004.