Sunday, March 21, 2010

SXSW 2010.

YACHT at VEOBA's Carniville.

Another SXSW has passed and for me this year was so much different than those in the past. The two major differences were:
1. I only went for 52 hours, not 4-5 days like most years.
2. This was my first time away from Miles.

The nice thing about being super busy (meeting up with person after person after person), it kept my mind occupied and not being bummed out about missing LP and MO. The bad part about being super busy in Austin is I only got to see a few bands... not like most years when it seems like I saw 100 bands. Having missed SXSW last year I had talked myself into the idea that I was too old for SXSW and I was happy about not attending... I almost believed myself. It was good to go back, and hopefully next year I will make the trip once again.

Two things never change about SXSW:
1. Austin is nearly perfect in March.
2. It feels great to come home after SXSW.

Two things that happened during SXSW this year, but not at SXSW:
1. Alex Chilton died, and Big Star was supposed to play Saturday night.
2. My good friends AJ & Jason became parents to a beautiful baby boy.

A rare photo of me on this blog... with my pal Rob from PDX.