Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pay for day care, here's the change.

One week into day care and Miles brought home the flu... well a 24-hour virus of some sort. A kid who has gone his entire life being pretty sick-free is now going to be exposed to lots of little tykes with germs every day. So after barfing in the car on Friday afternoon, we got to spend the next 24 hours dealing with a very sick little buddy. Thankfully it passed and life moved on.

Yeah, life moved on until 2am Sunday night / Monday morning when LP and I got struck with the virus and did our version of dueling barfers. Being sick with a little one is bad enough, but when both parents can hardly move it truly is a challenge. There is no way to explain to a sixteen month old why mom and dad are laying on the ground moaning... and keep running to the bathroom. And add to that the biggest obstacle was to make Miles meals since the smell of food just made me want to barf more. Even the smell of Mac & Cheese was unbearable. Thankfully, we had a friend come by and deliver some things we needed to make it through the sickness.

It all passed, and we are all over it (I hope), but these certainly are the times I wish we lived by family.